I really feel like so much of what we think love is, as a society, is just a grotesque codependence. It’s infatuation and it’s codependence. And when people are like, ‘I need you.’ I’m like, ‘That’s unhealthy.’ Love can’t hurt you. How could it? Do you understand? It’s love. So if you’re getting pain from it, it’s something else. Then the love has mutated into jealousy and grotesque infatuation and that person is representing something to you that you should be getting from yourself. Everything you can do with a girlfriend you can do for yourself. All the love you can get from a girlfriend you can get from yourself. And you should. And you shouldn’t go into a relationship to get, you should go to give. Pete Holmes (YMIW #213 with George Basil)

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Chris Lylez by Gregory Prescott

Lakshmi Menon by Nagi Sakai for Please Magazine F/W 2012

Herb Ritts

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John Batho
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